Eastern indigo
Eastern indigo

This bike is a marriage of form and function.  I wanted a piece that was neither just for the racetrack nor strictly the show floor.  I started with a 1980 KZ 440 motor and set out to make a reliable daily driver.  This bike has myriad custom components: the frame, swing arm, faceted tank, exhaust, headlight faring, seat pan, upholstery, taillight mount, handlebars, and foot controls.

Why build a bike? I wanted a more ambitious project, outside of my typical experience, where I could apply my preferred design aesthetics like exposed frames, visually accessible joints, and contact points meant to cradle the human body than on a motorcycle.  Further, I was interested in taking on additional big challenges such as vehicle engineering and street legality.

I also built a motorcycle because they’re badass.  Yeah, that was probably my biggest motivation.

steel, stainless steel, leather, / 32h x 28w x 80d

Eastern indigo

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